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    Everyone Must Know

    Habitual failing of these mechanics is the fastest way to be removed from raid and not invited back. If you do not understand after reading this post ASK BEFORE THE EVENT and we will educate you.

    3 Mechanics you MUST know for this event:

    • When the bats are active at the beginning of the fight, if an emote occurs that says “A shrouded bat prepares to bite [Your name]” an audio trigger will fire and tell you to “Get away from raid” at which point you should run north away from the raid till the red ring that has targeted you is well away from the main raid force and others that might have been emoted.
    • After Tserrina goes active, she will occasionally teleport everyone to the center and give us a debuff. You must IMMEDIATELY start moving towards the wall till you are touching it then stay there till the debuff fades from your window, or be DT’ed. You will be snared so countermeasures such as leaps/shadowsteps, strafing, and rocket-boot type effects can help you move more quickly.
    • Around 70% and 50% Tserinna will go inactive, the main raid for will run to the bridge, and doppelgangers of 6 random players will spawn. After a couple of seconds an emote will fire telling us which is the correct mob to kill “The mirror image that resembles [Some Name] flashes a terrifying toothy grin.” If your name is called, run to the center towards the boss so you can be easily identified and matched to your doppelganger. Be prepared to communicate and look for the assist ring to verify that the correct one has been found.


    General Info

    • 6 bats to start, stack them up and burn from the start, get them deaded. A lot of players will be emoted, you need to run away from everyone so you don’t AOE us.
    • A vampire spawns after each bat death. DO NOT DPS VAMPIRES TILL CALLED TO. We need all the bats killed before we kill a vampire. Failing to do so will respawn the slain vampire as a bat and we repeat the process.
    • 1 random player gets charmed every 20-ish seconds for the whole length of the event, please ramp responsibly.
      Tserinna goes active once the first vampire is killed. Clean up vampires once all the bats are dead.
    • While Tserrina is active she will do an emote that warps you to the center of the room and snares you. You have approximately 10 seconds to run to the WALL. If you are too close you will be DT’d. Use leaps to help you get safely out of range of the DT.
    • At 70% and 45% (I THINK) we will do 2 phases of “Mirror Shards” each, provided we don’t fail. After which we just tank and spank her to deaths.
    • Once Tserrina goes inactive EVERYONE but TANKS needs to move to the bridge. 6 Shadows spawn around the center of the room, pick these up and keep them apart. After roughly 10 seconds they will mirror 6 random players appearances. We will then get an emote about 5 seconds later telling us to kill 1 of our raiders, we find this shard and kill it. Every 15(?) seconds they shards will change places and copy health %, we will have to re-target it and continue DPSing. (Swarm pets follow the correct mob, FYI) Killing the wrong shard will result in all of them casting a large TAOE. Likelihood of us getting sploded into different dementions when that happens is very high.

    Tanking Info

    2 Assignments

    • Boss MTO. Boss goes live when the last bat dies (even with vamps still up) so be prepared to pick up fast and hit defensiveness.
    • Bats, Vampires, Shadows – A number will be assigned to you, before the fight starts you should make a macro that targets the mob you are responsible for. All of the targets can be on the same macro since they will not be up at the same time. The bat numbering starts at 06 so add 6 to your number for the bat target line. Tank the vampire that spawns from your bat.
      1. Tank 1 a_shrouded_bat06 || a_shadow reflection00
      2. Tank 2 a_shrouded_bat07 || a_shadow reflection01
      3. Tank 3 a_shrouded_bat08 || a_shadow reflection02
      4. Tank 4 a_shrouded_bat09 || a_shadow reflection03
      5. Tank 5 a_shrouded_bat10 || a_shadow reflection04
      6. Tank 6 a_shrouded_bat11 || a_shadow reflection05

    Tanks that are not assigned should do some light AEs and be prepared to tank charmed tanks mobs till they are uncharmed.

    Healing Info

    Nothing super special about this fight other than the “Everyone must know” section. Stay on the bridge for the most part!

    DPS Info

    Follow assist and be prepared to swap targets, especially during the bat/vampire phase. Pay attention during the Shadow phase as killing the wrong mob will wipe the raid. Bats will wild rampage so be prepared to move in and out of melee range as your health drops.


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